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BUSINESS CONSULTING  |  Partnership in business development

The organisational advice we offer is based on the available know-how. Why should you hire external consultants for issues on which you already have the expertise?

Adenda therefore goes much further. We are complementary in a very specific way, on the basis of concrete objectives, so that you are given tools to strengthen yourself as a company. The advantage of Adenda as an external  consultant is that the enormous marketing know-how that was gained by working for many clients can be used by you in order to strengthen your organisation.
Our specialities include:
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Gearing strategy to economic situations
  • Job suitability study and test, for example with promotion
  • Developing company and concept presentations

Marketing & Sales Strategy
A good Marketing & Sales plan is an enormous help for you to realise your objectives. It is your guiding principle throughout the year. We always draw up a total plan, which does not only clarify the policy with regard to your mission, but also its tactical implementation. It is therefore a handle that offers structure for the implementation of tasks and policy intentions. We draw up practical plans together with you, which focus on your policy and future plans.
Tailoring strategy to economic situations
Plans and implementing plans may come under pressure as a result of changing economic conditions. Successful entrepreneurs have the courage to adapt their strategy to this, so that the required results will still be realised. However, this strategic walking on a tightrope requires a great insight, vision and a broad scope. Adenda can perfectly support you in this respect, so that the economy will have a less great effect on your plans.
Job suitability study, for example with promotion
Much talent has already been lost by promoting well-functioning employees. After all, it is no guarantee that a good sales employee will also be a good manager. A professional job suitability study and test aimed at the possible new job of the employee will offer you objective tools to take the right decision and therefore keeping your talented employee for your company.
Developing company and concept presentations
We can support you perfectly in making attractive professional presentations which will make an impression on your public. Whether it is for internal or external use, good presentations create trust and help you to increase the image of your company and that of you as a presenter. As an extra you will receive many tips to increase your personal presentation power.