COACHINGS CONCEPTS  |  Coaching with impact

Adenda makes a distinction between Strategic and Operational Tactical Coaching.

Strategic Business Coaching, (Boardroom Coaching) is geared to CEO’S, DGA’S, and Sales Directors. Here the Coach has a soundboard function and helps to solve specific problems on a policy level through sharp analyses and neutral views or by indicating ways that offer new opportunities to the company.
Executive Coaching is more person-oriented in order to make a contribution as ‘co-entrepreneur’ to more concrete management issues. These issues may include marketing, aimed at the performances and composition of the staff, the range of products, an investigation whether the strategic and tactical level results in a good implementation of the company mission and the formulated policy and, if necessary, offer support in this respect.
Operational Tactical Coaching is Personal Coaching for Sales Employees and Sales Managers and offers support in implementing sales process; it is in particular action-oriented. ‘On the Job’ coaching is hereby an effective form of implementation to support Sales and Account Managers who want to develop themselves quickly.
We coach Sales Employees in the field of sales skills, presentation techniques, concept sales, NLP communication, systematic efficient marketing and in learning how to deal with objections that are most common with regard to your marketing, obviously apart from the price as an objection.
Adenda will always start with a thorough analysis of the requirements, so that it can fully tailor its support to these requirements according to a concrete pragmatic phased plan.