Interim Management

COMMERCIAL INTERIM MANAGEMENT  |  Temporary commercial management

Do you need temporary Commercial Management in order to replace the manager in the event of sickness, to not have any gaps when the current manager leaves or do you want to assess what a commercial manager means before engaging a definitive manager? We can realise all this for you.

The advantage of interim managers is that they are less associated with (the history of) the department of the company. Therefore it is easier to take difficult decisions. Furthermore, Adenda has an extensive experience within the commercial work field and offers suitable education to deal with such projects.

In order to counter the initial disadvantage of being less informed about the specific details of the company / department and certain matters that took place in the past, there will always be extensive preparations, so that Adenda can be effective from the very first day.

You can also be sure that we will focus on the short-term interests (operational-tactical) and long-term interests (strategic), depending on your requirements.

The Adenda interim manager can be hired in a flexible way with regard to how he spends his time. This in order to keep a good balance between your investment and result of the implementation of our commission.

The great advantage for you to hire Adenda for Commercial Interim Management is that we can continue with coaching the processes and a possible new permanent manager after the interim period, so that the initiated policy and activities can be continued steadily and there will not be any shock effects in your organisation and/or policy.