Mission and Views
Adenda wants to be an organisation that improves the commercial processes of its clients, resulting in more profit. For this we offer a ‘TOOLBOX’ of possibilities.

In order to realise the objectives, we make a choice from these possibilities together with the client on the basis of his requirements, as a basis for the project plan.

Adenda wants to be unique in the possibilities it can offer, through innovating concept developments.

Our actions are characterised by a focus on the quality of our performance, ethics in our actions, a range of products geared to the market needs, honest business ethics and by a focus on continuity in our relations.

History Adenda / Ton Ton  

1989 |  General Sales Manager at Cito Benelux
In charge of the total management of the indoor  and  outdoor sales staff and the purchase department (20 employees). Responsible for the turnover and profit (EUR 15 million). Supervision of indoor staff through the manager of the office sales department. Drawing up a sales plan every year and responsibility for its implementation.

1994 | Novum Advice & Training founded
Novum Advice & Training was founded on the basis of the market demand for genuine tailor-made concepts with regard to the commercial development of employees. As owner responsible for all activities and results. From acquisition, demand analysis, concept definition, practical orientations, project preparations, project implementation, target evaluation to follow-up.

Novum Advice & Training stood for a unique organisation-strengthening concept, with the aim to realise a commercial advantage for its clients. A number of its characteristic activities included: business consulting , business coaching, training sales employees and managers according to an innovating methodology and personal coaching, besides being a soundboard for many members of the board and fulfilling functions through a recruitment and selection method with a great result.

2005 | Commercial Manager at Kupan
Responsible for: sales policy, sales result, profit, marketing & public relations. Direct supervision of the outdoor staff and coordinating office sales department, export and calculation department. Personal sales active in major and international projects.

Organisation completely changed from a traditional to a trend-setting image with a strong commercial growth and sound profit position. Marketing methods contently adapted to market situations. Export successfully developed and international distributors network renewed by adapting to the renewed own organisation.

2011 | Adenda founded
Adenda was founded on the basis of historical experiences and current insights in response to market demands to let organisations function in a commercial strong and effective way, with the aim to improve the market and /or profit positions. As owner responsible for all activities and results.

The concepts are different than in the time of Novum Advice & Training. Adenda is therefore not a repetition, but it has evolved. In the meantime the world has become much more individual and our concepts have been geared to this development. The individual supporting demands greatly vary and we think that they can best be realised through tailor-made programmes. In their turn these programmes are incorporated within the company objectives, which are always central in our methodologies to be applied.

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