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SEARCH & SELECT  |  Finding the right employee

When selecting new employees it is in particular important to prevent a "mismatch" between the employer and new employee.

A solo performer in a work situation in which the team performance prevails will certainly fail, irrespective of his or her personal qualities. When selecting personnel it is therefore very important to establish whether the personal style of the candidate fits the corporate culture, besides establishing whether the candidate has the required know-how and expertise.

Why personnel selection with support of Adenda?
  • Broad experience in recruiting & selecting new employees
  • Valid tests offer an objective understanding of the candidate
  • High “Stay-Score” (after 3 years still in the same position or higher)
  • Saving costs by preventing mismatch

Subjectivity is excluded by working in a methodological way. Too often new employees are engaged on the basis of a brief interview and / or on the basis of feelings. It is a gamble whether this will be successful. And a mismatch is a drama for your company with regard to the costs involved, because certain aspects will have been affected negatively before you found a replacement candidate again (for example: turnover, image, department atmosphere, etc.). Therefore go for the maximum certainty of professional support.

Our method, which has been proved to be successful, includes the following steps:
  • An application interview form that is tailored to the position and company
  • An introductory interview (orientation)
  • An Observation Analysis Method™ test (compact assessment)
  • A typology test
  • A management style test (if applicable)
  • A conclusive in-depth interview on the basis of the position and information obtained from tests

We are able to suggest candidates to you through the test details and preselection who will be suitable to fulfil the vacancy with a great degree of probability.

We have the following three forms of implementation:

1-   Select Total, whereby we are responsible for all activities and you can continue to concentrate on your core activities. In the end the candidates that have been selected and found to be suitable will be presented to you.

2-   Select Cooperate, which means working together in the procedure. For example, you select on the basis of letters and do all administrative actions and we carry out the tests on the candidates selected by you.

3-   Select Compact, whereby you found a candidate who you consider to be most suitable. This person will be tested extensively by us.

With this offer we can offer you professional support within various budgets.