SALES DEVELOPMENT  |  Sales optimisation

When your sales need an impulse, you are at the right address with Adenda. Your company result is completely based on your sales success. We are specialised and have a broad experience in improving the sales process and sales result.

Our activities always start with a thorough analysis, leading to advice on how the improvements can be realised.
  • Is there a sales plan and how is it implemented?
  • Is there a plan for each sales employee individually or for each department?
  • How are the sales organised? Is the marketing effective?
  • How are offers drawn up and how are they followed up? Is there an offer score analysis?
  • Which marketing and offer-supporting means are available?
  • Is the presentation power aimed at a correct positioning?
  • Are the right markets served?
  • Are the employees sufficiently trained and inspired to face new challenges?

These are just a few questions that will give an answer to the possibly strengthening sales elements.
As the title already says, Sales Progress is aimed at more results or a better result. There are three variants in the implementation, that is to say,:
  • Analysis and Advice
    We make an analysis and offer advice, after which you are responsible for the implementation yourself.
  • Analysis and Coaching
    We make an analysis, offer advice and coach the person who is responsible for the implementation.
  • Analysis, Advice and Interim Management
    We make an analysis, offer advice and are responsible ourselves for the implementation