Unge companies


Starting an own company is a dream that comes true for many starting entrepreneurs. However, a successful start is no piece of cake. The entrepreneurship will be put to the test.

Suddenly you have to deal with financial issues, production, employees, etc.

And the most important aspects: marketing / selling your product. Unfortunately, the product is often perfect, but selling the product proves to be a barrier towards success.

Adenda has a broad experience in marketing and selling products and services, which may be very helpful for you, so that your dream does not become a nightmare.

Setting up a sales plan and sales structure, helping with determining and developing your sales material and even training a sales discussion are elements we can realise and which will quickly help you to achieve commercial success.

We can also offer support in dealing with personnel or recruiting a new employee.

There are several tailor-made variants of our programme for young companies / entrepreneurs. We always gear these variants to individual requirements, resulting in an effective support that is in line with your budget.

A first orientating talk is obviously free of charge. And if we can reach agreement, we have a very special low rate for starting entrepreneurs who have been operating on the market for less than 2 years.

So do not wait, but call in specialist support at once to make your dreams come true.